Dependencies for building GLOW

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To build GLOW, the following software and libraries are needed.

Get the JDK

Get a Java JDK for your system. For development, JDK 1.5 is recommended. To simply use GLOW, a higher version works too.

Get Apache Ant

Mac OS X includes Ant; for other platforms:

  • URL:
  • Put Ant's bin directory in the system's PATH, so that typing 'ant' from the command line starts Ant.

Get Protege 4.0.x

Get Prefuse beta

  • URL:
  • Download Prefuse-beta (release 2007.10.21) source zip
  • Unpack it, for example: C:\Program Files\prefuse-beta
  • Doublecheck: sources should now be in: C:\Program Files\prefuse-beta\src\prefuse
  • Build it:
    • Go to the prefuse-beta directory
    • Patch the build.xml script in order to make it cross-compile to JDK 1.5 class files. Add the following attributes to javac tags (two times): source="1.5" target="1.5".
    • Run the 'build' script, e.g. or build.bat. This script requires Ant.
  • Doublecheck: the follwing directory should now have been created: C:\Program Files\prefuse-beta\build\


Get a version of GLOW

  • URL:
  • Save the .jar files to your Protege 'plugins' directory, e.g. C:\Program Files\Protege\plugins
  • Verify that Protege starts up correctly and that the GLOW visualization can be selected under Views -> Class Views