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This page contains some common mistakes/problems and their solutions.
If your issue is not listed here, see the known issues page.

Could not start bundle org.glowvis ... Missing Constraint: Bundle Required Execution Environment: JavaSE-1.6

GLOW requires Java 6 (JRE 1.6). First install a new version of Java 6 on your system. Then, download a version of Protégé that does not include a Java VM. The full procedure is covered in the installation instructions.

UnsatisfiedLinkError: no nativewindow_jvm in java.library.path

If you receive this error, it means that the JOGL libraries (.dll or .so files) could not be found.

  • Windows: Please install the JOGL installer, and reboot your system afterwards.
  • Mac OS X, Unix: Please see Running GLOW on Unix for how to start Protégé properly.

No such method: org.semanticweb.owl.model.OWLPropertyAxiom.getAxiomType()

You are likely using a version of Protégé that is not supported by GLOW. GLOW currently supports the release versions (not the alpha versions) of Protégé 4.0. GLOW has been tested on Protégé 4.0.1 and Protégé 4.0.2.